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- KoL2 KoL2 7/30/08 The Call of The Wild Jack London
A story of mixed feelings about a dog named Buck. How he was decieved and sold by his friend and his life with good and bad owners till he finally found his family again.

- KoL2 KoL2 7/30/08 Dream from My Father: A Story of Inheretence Barack Obama
Barack Obama talks about his childhood and his family's life. How his father, Barack Obama lived, his hardships he overcame while growing up

- KoL2 KoL2 7/30/08 The Audacity of Hope: Hopes of Reclaiming the American Dream Barack Obama
Barack Obama talks about American politics and he political career.

- KoL2 KoL2 June 25, 2008 Character is Destiny by John McCain and Mark Salter

Character is Destiny talks about heroic characters and how they devoted themselves and how some even sacraficed their lives for another person they barely knew to live.

kittykatluver_96 Febuary 15,2008 Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech
Walk Two Moons is about Salmanca, Sal for short, as she travels from someplace to Idaho to find her long-lost mother and bring her home on her birthday. On the long roadtrip, Sal tells her grandparents about her friend, Pheobe. Behind Pheobe's story lays Salmanca's life.

wowcool December 14, 2007 The Day My Butt Went Psycho by Andy Griffiths
This book is about a boy named Zack Freeman who's butt is all acting weird, like running away and etc. He one day chases his butt and findds out that his butt is planning a evil plan. He gets attacked by butts but gets saved by a girl named Eleanor. They meet the B-Team, the braviest butt-fighting team. They have a trip to the buttcanoe, where the evil plan is accuring. They fight the Great White Butt and Zack launches the butt to spaces and lands safely to base.

Splish_Splash November 20,2007 The Kid Who Ran For President by Dan Gutman
This book is about Judson who is trying to break the law of running for president at 33 and instead atempt to be president at the age of twelve. This book is hilarious with funny jokes. If you like reading realistic fiction books this is the book for you! Read this book to find out if Judson can pass the law and be elected president.

Splish_Splash November 17, 2007 The Kid Who Became President by Dan Gutman
Judson Moon has been elected president and has sworn to protect the united states of America. This book is the sequal to The Kid Who Ran For President. This book is about Judson Moon who doesn' know how to be president and relies on his friends to help him. When Judson Moon is president ,the Cantanian army is planning to attack another country that gives U.S.A most of their oil. It's up to Judson to persuade the attacking country to hold back but how? Read this book to find out if he saves the other country from disaster or not...

mystical_goomba November 17, 2007 David Copperfield by Charles Dickens
David is orphaned as a child, then abandoned by a vicious stepfather, must learn how to make a life. At school he meets Steerforth and Traddles, and immeadiately becomes friends with them. As he becomes a man, he meets Uriah Heep who is the most outrageously dumb guy ever, who proposes to Agnes but is immeadiately rejected. David and Peggoty, the maid at his old house, venture to Peggoty's own cottage where he meets Ham and other people. They greet him and friends are made but David is not so sure. Will David make it past adulthood and grow up to be a man?

mystical_goomba November 17, 2007 Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
Oliver is orphaned on the streets of londen until he is taken by a group of thieves find him and force him into stealing, many times, oliver has tried to run away but they capture him. The thieves's work sends Oliver to court for being suspected for stealing someone else's prized possesion, when the victim looks at Oliver, he know that he is not the thief and grants him hospitality. The thieves continue to try and pursue Oliver to steal. Will Oliver be overcome by the thieves? Read the book.

BLewis November 15, 2007 House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer
Can you imagine a world where humans are cloned and the clones are used as spare body parts? Now imagine that you have found out *you* are the clone of a very old person who is having heart problems! Would you stick around, knowing you might be "harvested" at any time? Or would you run for your life? Matt is a young boy who doesn't understand why he is treated so differently from all the other children in this grim, yet adventurous look at life in the future. This exciting story kept me turning pages all night long!

kittykatluver_96 November 15, 2007 Chicks with Sticks by Elizabeth Lehard
Just when Scottie seemes to have lost her best friend, Amanda, yarn comes into her daily life. When she finds this knitting shop KnitWit, knitting brings four girls, Tay, Bella, Amanda, and Scottie together. Soon, they forgot who came first- the knitting or the girls? I admit... It is alittle girlish... But it's a good read anyhow!

Runescapepc November 14, 2007 Butt Wars the final conflict by Andy Griffiths
This bok is about a boy named Zach freeman and he is trying to save the world from the Great white butt(the strongest butt in the univarse) Zach and his friends go to the past by a time machine a tries to destroy the Great white butt but does he make it or does he die.... read to find out! I recomend this book to the people who like to read weird and funny books.

wowcool November 12, 2007 Sasquatch by Roaland Smith
Dylan's father told him about something strange he saw in Mt. St. Helens while he was hunting. Dylan thinks his dad is gone mad when his dad joins a Sasquatch hunting party lead by the famous crytozoologist, Dr. Flagg. Dylan decides he needs to keep an eye on his dad and follows them onto the mountain with Mr. Johson. But what he dosen't know is that Mt. St. Helens has a deep secret and what waits for him in the mountains are dangers and the secrets of Mr. Johson. Will Dylan find the Sasquatch? READ THE BOOK__

mystical_goomba November 12, 2007 The City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau
Lina and all of the other people live in a dark place where the generator creates electricity for all of the street lamps and homes, their "city" is small and no one knows what is beyond, many have ventured there but have never returned. Lina and Doon find a piece of paper from a chest with a time lock, unforutunately, Lina's little sister has chewed it up. They believe it has the directions out of Ember, but what is beyond Ember, no one knows.

mystical_goomba November 12, 2007 Public Enemy Number Two by Anthony Horowitz
Nick is intelligent, but his "private detective" brother, Tim, messes everything up. In this heart stopping adventure, Nick is accused of stealing jewels, Snape and Boyle are the only ones that know that he is innocent. We he gets sent into a "juvenile criminal concentration camp", he gets the worst bunkmate, Public Enemy Number One, Johnny Powers. Nick's mission is to take information for Powers and transfer it to Snape, but when Powers decides to escape, he brings Nick with him. Nick is brought to Johnny's gang's base, everyone else thinks they see good in Nick and tie Tim up with dynamite while Nick is away. Will Nick and Tim survive?

wowcool November 12, 2007 Jack's Black Book by Jack Gantos
Have you ever thought of a world where your friends are mad and your little brother is way smarter than you? Well that's what is like for Jack. Meet Jack Henry, who can't to anything except getting himmself in trouble and trouble and even more trouble!!!
This book has all the thing that happened to Jack Gantos (Well... Most of it) when he was in 7th grade! this book contain things that might happen to middle school ( Apart from when his friend almost killed himself by blowing up some gas tanks on purpose) and something you should never do. This book will never bore you death, instead, it will kill you by making you laugh so hard!!!

wowcool November 12, 2007 Raven's Gate by Anthony Horowitz
This is a great book about a boy named Matt who is one of the great 5 gatekeepers who is the only people who can close and block the gate from opening which can unleash the Old Ones. Matt is a trouble maker and one time he gets caught by the police and is sent on a project which was created to help kids who are really out of control. Later, Matt finds himself where he never wanted to be and finds that Raven's Gate is not only close to him, but is about to unleash a great darkness. If you want to find out if he is going to be able to close the gate or not, gotta read the book.

mystical_goomba November 10,2007 The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen by Lloyd Alexander
This book has Prince Jen on a journey with 5 magical objects, he wants to see a king which will help his country develop, there are thieves, bandits, and robbers everywhere. Tigers jump out from canveses, some are good, the others are bad. Jen later loses his army that were supposed to guard him which raises the stakes. To see if Jen survives or not, read the book.

Splish_Splash November 10,2007 The Opal Deception by Eoin Colfer
This book is about Artemis trying to save the fairy people from the Opal Koboi who plans to let other humans know that fairies exist so that they will be tested on. But since the fairy poeple have wiped out all the knowledge of their only hope and they want him to outsmart Opal Koboi and get Munich out of jail to help save them. If only Artemis could remember why all these strange creatures are depending on him... Read this book to find out if he saves the fairy people or not.

Splish_Splash November 9,2007 The White Fox Chronicles by Gary Paulsen
In 2057 endless and numberess wars have slowly been destroying the USA. After there is little population the EVIL ccr(The Confederation of Consolidated Republics) is enslving every american they can find. When 14 year old Cody is enslaved he finds a way to escape. But he can't right a way when more and more of the CCR is patrolling the area. You would like this book if you like suspense books and realistic fiction books. Can Cody escape the prison and alive? Read this book to find out.

kittykatluver_96 November 9, 2007 Running Out of Time by Margaret Peterson Haddix
This is about a girl called Jessie who lives in Clifton, where the year is in the 1800s. When diphtheria strikes, Jessie's Ma sends her on a dangerous mission to get the medicine. But the minute she steps out of Clifton, she learns many new things about the "future". Read this book to find out if she succeeds.

Splish_Splash November 9,2007 Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis
This book is about Bud who is an orphan looking for his real dad. He isn't sure who he is but his mom left him clues on who he is with fliers. But there is one blue flier his mom use to always look at and complain about him and Bud is certain he is his dad. Once he decides to hit the road to look for this mystery man, nothing can stop him~not hunger, not fear, not vampires and not even the famous Herman E. Calloway himself. I hope you read this book because it also has the John Newberry Award and Coretta Scott King Award.

mslibrary-ISB November 8, 2007 Mister Monday by Garth Nix
I just finished reading Mister Monday, the first book in the Keys to the Kingdom series. It took me a couple of chapters to get into the book, but after that I was a fan. It is not always easy to follow as there are lots of characters and many allusions to Greek mythology and religion (like the creation of the world). The main characters are quite well developed and the writing is smooth, the story is well paced and lots of chapters are cliffhangers, so it's difficult to put the book down. So, if you are looking for action, but don't like horror, then you might want to give Mister Monday a go. I'm looking forward to reading Grim Tuesday, the second book in the series.

Ultra_Shroom November 7 07 Chicken Soup For the Kid's Soul by Various Authors

The book is made up of many short stories. There are funny, helpful, and good! I reccommend it to us 6th graders.

mystical_goomba November 7,2007 Peter and the Starcatchers by Dave Barry An amazing fantasy book about Peter who is an orphan and he gets aboard the Neverland when he discovers the mysterious group called the Starcatchers and their "starstuff" which gives you the ability to fly, heal, and transform. The "others" are the enemies, they use the starstuff too but in another method. The battle for starstuff has begun.

kiwis10 November 7,2007 Toby Scudder, King of the school by David Gifaldi An awesome book about Toby Scudder who is the school bully who learns what else he can do other than bullying. By starting with walking home this little girl who's parent are about to get a divorce.

Ultra_Shroom November 6 2007 Among The Free by Margaret Peterson Haddix Ah ha ha ha... a wonderful book! This book is called Among the Free by Margaret Peterson Haddix. This book is the last book of a great series where families are allowed to have 2 childeren. Luke and other third childeren have to hide from the Population Police or else get killed. I would reccommend the series and this book to all ages. Start from Among The Hidden. The genre is realistic fiction.

kiwis10 November 6, 2007 Striking Out by Will Weaver This is a good book about a farm boy who discovers he has a amazing talent for pitching. He has a lot of trouble fitting in to all the city boys who play baseball. He also has a lot of work to do, so willl he beable to make the final game? To find out read the book!

Sammyann November 6, 2007 Harlem Summer by Walter Dean Myers This is a great book about a boy who is in need of some cash. He gets a small job but ends up being in alot of troble. Can he find his way out of this mess? I would recommend this book to anyone who like adventure and action. Hope you read it!