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horseygirl122- February 19, 2008 The Farie Path, By: Frewin Jones
This book is about a young teenage girl about 16 who is just going on with her life when she finds out that she is the Lost Daughter of King Oberon, King of Farie land. She goes through many adventures all to find out why and how she disapeared. I recommend this book who likes Fantasy and to anybody who likes magic and mystic arts. Please Read this book!!!

chihuahuafreak-0: November 21st, 2007 Children of the Lamp (Series) By: P.B. Kerr
This series is about 2 genies/djinns called John and Philippa who go on adventures that are dangerous and exciting. I recommend this cool series to Fantasy and suspense lovers. Hope you like this series!

wikispaces19962007: November 18th,2007 Harry Potter (Series) By: J.K.Rowling
This series is about a boy named Harry who finds out one day that he is actually a wizard and is enrolled in Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. He learns to live the life of a wizard and makes new friends along the way. He encounters many breath taking adventures that will leave you on the end of your seats! I recommend this Fantasy book to anyone at anytime! ENJOY!

littlerabbit490: November 16th, 2007 Warriors (Series) By: Erin Hunter I recommend this series to everyone who likes cats and adventure. This series mainly talks about a cat named Firepaw. He lives in the forest with many other cats. Read this book if your interested in discovering Firepaw and his friend's adventures! This book is a Fantasy book. Have a fun time reading this series!

Kuriin02: November 16th, 2007 Prairie Whispers By: Frances Arrington
In 1860, on the prairie of South Dakota, Colleen keeps a terrible secret. Her baby sister Bonnie belonged to the a dead mother in a wagon. Colleen's mother and father don't know, and what will happen when the real baby's father comes to get her? What will happen? This is a Historical Fiction story... and it's a great read!

mslibrary-ISB: November 8th, 2007 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas By: John Boyne
If you have read The Diary of Anne Frank, it might be worthwhile reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas as well, as the setting of this book is also the Second World War, but perceived from the perspective of a German boy who moves with his family to a concentration camp. His father is the camp commander and thus the boy lives on the other side of the fence. The boy, called Bruno, becomes friendly with a Jewish boy and although he is aware that things are not normal, never seems to see the horrors and cruelty in his father's camp. Bruno seems very innocent and vulnerable. The story has an unexpected ending, which might be a bit upsetting. This book is not a diary, but told from a third-person viewpoint.

Kuriin02: November 7th, 2007 The Shakespeare Stealer By: Gary Blackwood I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading Historical Fiction. In this story, an orphaned boy named Widge, is taught by Dr. Bright how to write in shorthand. Soon enough, he finds himself trapped between loyalty to his master, or loyalty to his friends. Who will he choose?

horseygirl122: Inkheart and Inkspell By: Cornelia Funke I recommend this book because I think it has a lot of adventure and I really like fantasy. I recommend this book to any one who like adventures, tales, and fantasy.

D-Mathlover5: Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher By: Bruce Coville I recommend this book to kids who like dragons and are dreaming to have a dragon as their pet.

littlerabbit490: Crypted Hunters By: Roland Smith I recommend this book to all people that like mythical animals ( like big foot and dinosours). It's also a good book for people who like suspense and adventure stories.