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96guy Nov 22 2007 The curious incident of the dog in the night time by Mark Haddon
This book is about boy who has Asperger. That means he is very good at math and science, and those stuff but he cant understand human beings. When he finds his neighbors dog lying dead on the ground he decides to be an detective and find out who killed the dog.

wolnairb Nov 22 2007 The Secrets of Vesuvius by Caroline Lawrence
This book is about these kids who rescue a admiral who tells them about this riddle. Then the admiral asks them to solve this riddle which would lead them to a treasure. I recommend this book to people who want to read historical fiction.

the_hirminater Nov 22, 2007 Point Blanc by Antony Horowitz
the book is the 2nd book in the Alex Rider series. it is about Alex, a teenage spy working for the MI6- British secret service. in this book he goes to a boarding school for super- rich people in the swiss alps to spy on the teachers there and a student. he finds lots of secret tunnels, elevators,etc. When he blew his cover the MI6 sent a small but heavily armed army to invade the school. Alex uses a super snowboard the agency gave him to escape. but just when he think he's escaped a bullet strikes him

daredevil2123 Nov.21, 2007 Artemis fowl series by Eoin Colfer
This series is about a boy who is a brilliant mastermind, but he messes with a whole new dangerous race called the fairies...

amnivla Nov. 21, 2007 The Great Ghost Rescue by Eva Ibbotson
Rick, a human, goes on an adventure with the ghost, trying to protect them from any harm. People are trying to "kill" the ghost's by putting curse's on them to make them disappear for good. Rick chose an exellent hiding spot for the ghost's, but instead, it lead to more trouble. And into a more dangerous situation where the human hero has to think another way out for the ghost's to survive.

FCSeoul Nov. 21, 2007 Horrendo's Curse by Anna Fienburg
This book is about a boy who get cursed by the wisewoman. He can't fight or swear just like.... me(just kidding). He get to work for the evil pirates and of course gets in trouble by saying polite words. Horrendo's knowledge save children who works for pirates and change pirate's life 100% different.

the_hirminator Nov. 21, 2007 World War 3 by Ian Slater
the book is about America's most important military secret being stolen by Russian terrorists. the secret is the blueprints of America's future weapons like bullets that can blow up tanks or small bombs that wan wipe out an entire city. the only way for them to get it back is world war 3.

the_hirminator Nov. 21, 2007 Avenger by Andy McNab & Robert Rigby
the book is a book in the boy solider series. it is about a secret agency trying to find an international bomber. the bomber calls himself black star. black star hires teenagers to go suicide bombing so the team gets Elana- a teenager to get hired by black star to go to New York and get instructions on how to make bombs. black star has surveillance on her 24/7 so she cant make contact with any members of the agency so they have to write notes on whats happening then stick it behind a vending machine to let eachother know. black star only text messages Elana on a secure network so the agency might
not be able to track down black star after all.

the_hirminator Nov. 21, 2007 Edge of Battle by Dale Brown
the book is about Mexican terrorists sneaking in to America through the border armed with machine guns, pistols, grenades, RPG s, sniper rifles, etc. attacking border patrol agents who are only armed with batons and hand guns. After many teams of border patrol agents were killed the army sends in national guard troupes with humvees mounted with TOW launchers. After the terrorists find out the dress like normal farmers and carry concealed weapons. When the U.S. army finds out that the plan of the terrorists it was already too late. their plan was to cause enough attention so the army would send out CID units ( fighting robots with super human strength, mounted grenade launchers, tens of layers of kevlar armor, etc.) and overpower them then steal them it was already too late. 2 CID s have been stolen and they have taken 1 hostage with them- Jason Ritcher- the robot specialist. Meanwhile Mexico's vice president, Ersteno Fuerez betrays the good guys and join the terrorists and killed the Mexican president. when the police found the terrorists who stole the CID s and kidnapped Ritcher in a speeding car they sent the national guard, California highway patrol (CHP), and 2 More CID units. Fuerez sends in Mexican fighter jets and blows up several CHP choppers.

Beijin111 11/20/07 Homefront by Doris Gwaltney
Margaret Ann's life was going great untill war arrived and Courtney (Margaret ann's cousin that she had never met before) stays with Margaret's family untill war is over. Since Elizabeth (Margarets older sister) went to collage Margaret Ann was getting her own bed room. But when Courtney and her mother arrives they get Elizabrth's bedroom. Courtney got all the attentcion, is the smartest in class, and the preties even