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himynameisshannon-March 7th Homecoming By Cynthia Voigt
This is a very good book but you have to have an interest in adventure books. This book is about 4 siblings that get abandon by their mother and father. So they have to live by themselves. First they go to their great aunt's house and find out that she died so they say with their cousin. The oldest sibling finds out that their cousin doesn't really like them so she tells her family that their going to find their grandmother. The rest you have to find out...

Soccerroxs-January 16th The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle-By Hugh . Lofting
This is an awesome book but you have to have an intrest in animals. It is about a doctor obviously animal doctor and a little boy. The doctor can speak to animals and one day the boys and the doctors path cross, how read and see. However the boy also realizes that he has an intrest in animals and becomes the doctors assistant. It focouses mainly on a voyage he and the boy take. Of course there is always trouble but they manage. If you have'nt alredy read this book which alot of people alredy have. I reccomened you go and get it now its adventure and animals, can't get any better than that. I would on a 1-5 scale give it a 4.5 maybe even more its really good.

peguinsrock-November 15th Guys Read By Jon Scieska
The book "Guysread is obliviously a great book for guys. And all it is is just a book where alot of guy authors right stories about something in their life or just a little story. Like Andy Griffiths wrote a story about kids arguing about who has a better dad and they say all these weird things like "My dads so rich he practically owns the Earth," I say "In Fact, he owns the whole solar system." "He doesn't own it," says Buck. He just rents it, from my dad." Yeah. there are alot of funny little stories in this book. So I recommend this book to everyone.

lazerman-November 14th-Horrible Histories: Twenthy
centuary Centuary
-Terry DearyThis book is about the 20th centuary. It includes World War 1 & 2, suffragrettes, Mt. Everest, Great Deprssion, schools and universities, quizzies,S.L.A.G.I.A.T.T (Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time) an just plain funny things (like the Parrot Nappy and the Curious Crimes). If you read this book i'm sure YOU will love it!!=)

Soccerroxs-November14th- Dragon Rider-By Cornelia Funke
This book is so suspensful. It is an action packed story about a dragon and friends who are trying to find a new home away from humans and trying to defeat the golden one. One minute you think you have the whole book figured out it goes the complete opposite of what you think. I am not going to give away any more of the story, you will just have to read it yourself. I would give this book a 5 on a scale of 1-5. If you like adventure and suspense, this is the book you have been looking for.

Puppy_Cries- November 14- Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment - by James Patterson
If you want dashing thrill rides, a fast action packed adventure. Maximum Ride is the book for you. Meet Max, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Nudge and Angel, five unforgettable kids. Born in a lab (aka The School) these kids have no rights, no home, nothing but their loyalty to each other. Hunted by killers, tracked by scientists, they will you beyond their limits to escape, and find their true identities. And one thing -these kids don’t need broom sticks to fly…
- This book is available in the MS/HS library. It’s a fantasy book that I have reread a dozen of times. I LOVE IT!!!

supafreak-Nov15th- The Five Ancestors Book 2 The Monkey-By Jeff Stone
This book is the 2nd book of the five Ancestors I think this book would really great for people who like things like kung-fu and the names of people in the book are cantonese like monkey is Malao. Its all about what monkey did after Ying destroyed there home the Cangzin Temple. So read this book.

Cricrules-Nov.15- Magicians of Caprona by: Diana Wynne Jones
In this book there are two rival spell making families that always try to outdo the other. They always try to avoid each other but if they meet things start to get ugly. Caprona, the city they live in is going to war and one kid form each family is missing. Instead of making war spells the families are arguing with each other that the other family stole one of their kids. The two kidnapped kids must manage to escape before Caprona is destroyed. Can the two youngest kids of both families save the day or will it be the end of Caprona? This is a great book that makes you want to finish it before you put it down.

Puppy_Tears -- Chain of Hearts-- by Maureen McCarthy
' there was a girl, floating face up in the river..' Sophie, now seventeen is a mess. She's flunked school, dyed her hair blue and filled herself with hatred. But sent to her young aunt's house, she makes a journey, exploring her family's past and digging deep into the secret of her mother. In doing so, she not only understands her parents but also herself. But suddenly, she finds herself in the postion the girl in the painting was in and has to decide, between life or death.
- I have really enjoyed this book. This auther illustrates rage, sorrow and love, the feelings Sophie had lost, then found. I reccommed this book to all students, but especially girls with a taste for long reads.

nicolehappy------Walk two moons --By Sharon Creech
As a 13 year-old girl,Sal enertains her granparents with her friend, Phoebe's amazing, wonderful story,her own story begins to unfold---a story about a girl whose wish is to be reunited with her long missing mother.Soon she begins to find out simularities between herself and Pheobe's story.Will Sal's wish come true?What dangerous risks did she have to take?If you want to find out, then read the book!!!!!!!!!

toughguy- Nov.15- Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator- By Roald Dahl
If you read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory you"ll love this book because this book is the sequel of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. Even if you haven't it is really funny. Charlie goes to space and his grandparents get turned to babies. Its really exciting and funny you"ll have to read the book to fnd out how Charlie solves the problems. So read the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ebau-Nov-15th Butt Wars By Andy Griffiths
This book is about a boy who goes to a butt fighting academy. his name is zack freeman. he haas saved the world twice in the other two books. its up to him to save it again.will he or will he not!!!!! to find out you should read the book.

Rooney55100-Nov.15th Interesting Times By Terry Pratchett
In this book the wizards of Unseen University have come to rescue One of the 4 continents from certain destruction. They in return send Rincewood the wizard who spells it wizzard, Cohen a 90 year old man in a wheelchair (he's a barbarian) & a very special butterfly.Now In this story the oldest country on discworld is in turmoil & the only thing workers have to lose in the war is there water Buffalos. This is a very special book One that is full of adventure. I hope you read it.

Xandi-Nov15th-Just Crazy-By Andy Griffiths
This book is about just crazy things. For example theres a story ,where Andy is writing a story about lovelyville. In lovelyville there are ponys,kittens and puppies. Those animals want to give everybody a big hug and lick their faces.But a bad man uses them for an experiment.At least he puts them into his mashing -machine. And later the town isnt called lovelyvill anymore its called bloodyville!

v0i0v0i0a0n-Nov.14th-The Mystery at Lilac Inn by Carolyn Keene
This book is about an actress called Gay Moreau, who always wants to live in luxurious ways. But the problem was that she didn't have enough money, so she forged other people's signatures and got money that way(kind of like stealing money). Nancy Drew, a detective, is the daughter of a lawyer name Carson Drew, who sentenced Gay to jail for a number of years. Gay, being very angry of this, decides to take revenge on Nancy(since she is Carson's daughter). Gay, being a good actress could use make-up and clone Nancy, and some other characters in the book too. Gay tries to kill Nancy a few times but unsucessfully of course. Does Nancy escape the last blow? Can she figure out the culprits and get the cops before it's too late? It's up to you to read the book and finish Nancy's case. I would say this book is perfect for someone who always loves a baffling mystery and some excitement in their lives. Action and adventure lovers would enjoy this book just as well. Even though Nancy is a girl, that certainly doesn't mean guys can't read her cases either. Try to figure out the culprit before Nancy does!

someone1657-November 14- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
This book is about the Charlie and the chocolate factory. W. Wonka had opened the factory, will show how to make her chocolates and give lots of candies and chocolates to eat for present. But it was for only 5 people who got the golden ticket from any countries. And Charlie got Wonka's chocolate for his birthday present. His family was poor so, his parents can only give one chocolate for the birthday present. But the golden ticket wasn't there. Then one day Charlie bought a Wonka's chocolate by a droopped money. Then something strange was in there what could it be??!! ( If you want to know what is strange thing read the book! If you did read Charlie and the great glass elevator or watch the movie! )

Leafstar Nov. 14 Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson
This book is about the friendship between a boy named Jess Aarons and a girl named Leslie Burke. They create a magical kingdom called Terabithia and pretend that they are the rulers of it. They chase away enemies, and hold ceremonies. But one day, a tragedy occurs. Jess finally realizes the courage and strength Leslie has given him.
I like this book because it is touching and has some moral in it.

Puppy_Tears- November 14- Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment - by James Patterson
If you want dashing thrill rides, a fast action packed adventure, then Maximum Ride is the book for you. Meet Max, Fang, Iggy, Gasman, Nudge and Angel, five unforgettable kids. Born in a lab (aka The School) these kids have no rights, no home, nothing but their loyalty to each other. Hunted by killers, tracked by scientists, they will you beyond their limits to escape, and find their true identities. And one thing -these kids don’t need broom sticks to fly…
- This book is available in the MS/HS library. It’s a fantasy book that I have reread a dozen of times. I LOVE IT!!!

frozenwater-November 14-Holes-Louis Sachar
This book is about a boy named Stanley Yelnats who finds a pair of shoes. He also finds out something else. THOSE SHOES BELONGED TO CLYDE LIVINGSTON, A FAMOUS BASEBALL PLAYER! Soon the police get him, and he is found guilty of a crime he didn't do. His punishment is to go to a boys' detention center and build good character by digging holes every day in a dry, desert-like place. Stanley soon realizes that there is more than character improvement going on. He finds out that the warden is looking for something. But what could be buried in a desert? Find out by reading the book "Holes". ( If you can, watch the movie!!!)

toughguy-November 14- All night party- by R.L. Stine
This book is a thrilling exciting mystery book. This is a series like Goosebumps but it is for bigger kids. The book is about the kids going to a island to party. Guess what a killer is on the loose and has ran to the island. You'll have to read to find anout what happened.....
I recommend this book to people who like a scary and exciting story.
Tip: if you have nighmares easily then this may not be a good book for you because it may just happen.

syrox06 Nov.14-Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass Lewis Carroll
This book has two exiting adventures of two different character,Alice. The fantastical character made the book more interest.
So.... I recommand this book who like fantasy.

Rooney55100-November14th-Men at Arms- By Terry Pratchet
Well in Men at Arms you the reader is introduced to lance Constable Angua who in the book has a nasty secret. However worse than that is in the bright (or dark depending who you ask) city of Ankh-Morpork Captain Vimes & Corporal Carrot are trying to investigate a number of killings. Witness's reports say that the 'stick' is made of wood & that fires lead rocks at speeds knowing no bounds in the land of swords. That concludes my review

himynameisshannon-November 14th-The House Of Scorpions-By Nancy Farmer
The book "The House Of Scorpion" is about a boy who is a clone and no one knows him except his guardian. One day, he hears kids talking somewhere outside of his hidding place (aka house) so he tries to talk to them, but since his guardian is out and has locked all the doors and windows. He smashes the window, while doing that he fell since he leaned forward so the kids brought him back to their house. After that happened a very dangerous adventure happens. The rest you have to read to find out. People who like Science Fiction and/or Adventure books, this book is just right for you. I loved it (not that im a geek or a nerd).

geckosrockmysoxoff-November 14th-Arthur and the Seeing Stone-By Kevin Crossley-Holland
The book "Arthur and the Seeing Stone" is set in the year 1199 and introduces Arthur & his family and how he became King of Britain, he lives in two worlds the world of his obsidian (his seeing stone) and the real world. Merlin tells him his obsidian may give him clues of the future, in the stone Arthur becomes King of Britain by pulling the famous sword 'Excalibur' out of the mysteriously placed stone in front of Saint Paul's church. Will Arthur pull the sword out of the stone in the future? READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.........

ssxpower- November 14th- The Five Ancestors Tiger Book1- By Jeff Stone
If you like kung fu and action I reccomend this book! This book is about five brothers Fu, Maloa, Seh Long and Hok. Each brother is a master of a kung fu style. When their evil brother comes he destroys and kills everyone. The grand master helps them to escape, he tells them to run and find their past for help to survive from their brother. This story is about their brother Fu, and how he survives after his brothers attack. If you want to know what happens to him read the book! If you want to know more read the series !

himynameisshannon-The Upstairs Room-By Johanna Reiss
If you like History books, you should read this book. It is about a family that lives through the World War II, they should be captured because there are Jewish, but they don't. Instead, the sisters lives with their neighbor and live in a room that they can never leave or they would be killed..... It is a very interesting book. People who like Historical Fiction will like this book.

dmswjddl56-November 15th- The Chronicles of Narnia, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe-By C.S.Lewis
The story begins during a war. The characters-Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy, were sent away to the old Professor's house because of air-raids. They were bored so they played hide-and-seek. Lucy found an old wardrobe during the game. And the wardrobe was the way to enter Narnia. At the end they became kings/queens of Narnia. But they came back to the house by the wardrobe. It's a very interesting book and there are seven books about The Chronicles of narnia. There is a movie too!

Gunzboy November 16 Charlotte's Web by: E.B.White
Fern saved a cute piglet from a danger which her father almost killed him. Fern lived the piglet and she named the pig "Wilbur.” What a nice name isn’t it everyone??? Wilbur is sent to Mr. Zuckerman’s animal farm and in the winter Mr. Zuckerman got a permission to kill Wilbur.(How sad~ *_*) While Wilbur's sad and endangered life, a female spider called "Charlotte" came in front of Wilbur. It was strange that all the animals in the animal farm were talking, but even stranger thing is that people cannot hear the animal's word. Wilbur introduced him to Charlotte and Charlotte did as well. Charlotte promised Wilbur that she will save him from the danger before the winter. Wilbur didn't believe and he said, “How can you help me and you are small that you can't win people, people are much stronger than you!" (We can learn a lesson in here that just a little thing can help your life or it can be very important to your life. You might think that just a little thing never can be helpful in your life, but don't slight that I’m sure that the little things might be helpful in your life once.) Charlotte told him a great perfect idea that he was feeling better. Finally the winter came by and miraculously Mr. Zuckerman changed his mind and Wilbur was happy. One day, Charlotte layed her cute little babies and she passed away. Wilbur was crying, but he made another three spider friends. (If you read Charlotte's Web, it is unputdownable book and you can learn many dip thoughts and minds like me HAHAHA!!! P.S you can also watch a movie as well which you can enjoy it! READ READ READ READ PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)HAHAHA!!! HOHOHO!!! (You can feel the feelings of the story especially in the winter time!!!!!!!!!!!!!) The book is kind of fantasy you can say, and especially girls might like this book more then the boys.