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cg96-International School of Beijing-Nov.20
One day, John’s brother, Tom, falls ill and goes to the doctor. The doctor says that their dog Mouse must be taken away to avoid any risk of infection. John and Tom make a plan, and they decide to let John take Mouse to their uncle David to keep, so that Mouse doesn’t go to the pound. There are a few things that the author is trying to say. First of all, there are people in the world who believe in false things. Sage’s mum thinks she’s healing someone with her practices, but her patients aren’t getting better. It tells us not to trust everyone in the world. Also, it tells us that animal testing is cruel and bad. When Barney’s father tests on poor ponies to try to find a cure for obesity, John senses it isn’t right and brings the ponies back to their rightful owners. Finally, the book says that there shouldn’t be any prejudice against Gypsies, or wandering people. John doesn’t show any prejudice, in spite of all the other people who are mean to the Gypsies. It’s telling us that prejudice is wrong and shouldn’t be allowed. I think this book is okay. It’s not really exciting, and it’s a bit far-fetched when it says that John and the dog can communicate with each other. This book is good in the sense that it reflects some of the injustices and problems in the world.