Flyer for 2017-2018

Here is the flyer with all nominated books fro 2017-2018. Please download the pdf, the link is below the picture.

Panda Award flyer 2017-18.jpg

Posters for 2017-2018

Younger poster 2017-18.png Middle poster 2017-18.pngOlder poster 2017-18.png Mature poster 2017-18.png

Bookmarks for 2017-2018
Bookmarks Younger 2017-18.png Bookmarks Middle 2017-18.png Bookmarks Older 2017-18.pngBookmarks mature 2017-18.png

Posters 2016-2017
Older readers list 2016.jpgMature list 2016.jpg

Bookmarks 2016-2017

Younger Readers bookmark both sides 2016-2.jpgMiddle readers bookmark 2016 both sides.jpgOlder readers bookmark 2016 both sides.jpgmature readers both sides.jpg

Posters 2015-2016

Panda Younger Readers.jpgPanda Middle Readers.jpgPanda Older Readers.jpgPanda Mature Readers.jpg

Bookmarks 2015-2016




Posters and Bookmarks from Previous Years