The Panda Steering Committee 2017-2018 (by school name)

Betsy Woolley - Dalian American International School - Shortlists proofreader
Danny Glasner - Daystar Academy - Social media
Kristen Billings - Dulwich Beijing - Shortlists
Marjan Slaats - Dulwich Shanghai - Panda wiki organizer
Nadine Rosevear - International School of Beijing - committee chair, coordinator, and contact person
Rebecca Taylor - International School of Beijing (currently Beanstalk International Bilingual School) - Shortlists and logistics
Robbie Daniels - International School of Ningbo - Shortlists
Eleanor Surridge and Linnea Heather - International School of Tianjin- Posters and bookmarks
John Byrne - Western Academy of Beijing - Panda scrolls for winning authors and survey co-cordinator
Leigh Collazo - Western International School Shanghai (currently Dulwich Suzhou) - Pinterest page
Isolde Rosevear - Western International School of Shanghai - Shortlists and logistics
A-J Fairy - Zhuhai International School - Shortlists

The primary aim of the steering committee is to choose titles for each of the following categories:
  • Young Readers (4 to 6 years) – picture books - Elementary School - 10 titles
  • Middle Readers (7 to 10 years) – chapter books - Elementary School - 10 titles
  • Older Readers (11 to 14 years) – Middle School - 8 titles
  • Mature Readers (15 to 18 years) – High School - 8 titles

Apart from selecting the titles, other tasks might involve
  • regularly review the guidelines and make adjustments to the selection criteria as required
  • create annual posters and bookmarks
  • organize voting site, registration emails, voting timeline, etc.
  • sharing ideas to promote the Panda books
  • responding to queries from interested schools
  • creating the Panda scrolls for winning authors and sending these out to authors