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dj_lk Dec 4 2007 Stormbreaker by anthony horwitz
THis is the first book for the alex rider series and its packed with adventure and cliff hanging suspence. Alex's uncle dies and he isnt positive they are telling the truth about what cuased is death.what will happen to alex's life without his uncle!!!!!

Dr4g0n_Flam Nov. 26, 2007 The Thousand Orcs by R.A. Salvatore
Drizzt Do'Urden is back in this new tale! Bruenor finds out that his father the king is dead and he must go to Mithral Hall to become king, but they meet two survivors of a orc ambush and they want to get revenge. So Drizzt Do'Urden and his must trusted friend go out to help avenge the lone dwarfs. On the way they go past a destroyed town. Now everyone is full of anger and wishes to revenge the dwarfs, but can they withstand the thousand orcs? It has awesome action scenes and escapes, with a great ending! Read this book to find it all out!

bunnyfeet Nov 15 2007 Molly Moon, Mickey Minus and the Mind Machine by Georgia Byng

This is a fictional book about a girl who can hypnotise, stop the world, time travel and read minds. This is her 4th book. She and her pet Petula travel to another time in search of her twin brother. When they get there, the evil princess fang uses her mind machine and steals all molly's memories, takes away her crystals and she is to learn with the pretty looking miss cribbins every day for 3 hours. But then a nice babysitter let them out and gives them a route to get away...but how can molly return to her own time hafe a mileniun ago?

This book is magnificent just wonderful!!!

IT is a book for fictional lovers!!!

bunnyfeet November 14 2007The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke
It is a very exciting book about a boy who calls himself a theif. He helps orphans live and he helps them survive when they don't have anyfood or money. As it turns out, he isn't a theif and he didn'tsteal the food he gave to the orphans. He was just a rich boy. When someone askes him to actually steal something. He did it. Then he goes to a forbidden island to find a hidden carosel. When you ride it, it changes your age! But read the book to find out what really happens!!!

I love this book, i can't stop reading it once i start!!!!!
It gives a beautiful scene of what Venice looks like with it's canals and unique houses.


343guiltyspark November 21 Redwall by Brian Jacques
In Mossflower Woods, where many different beasts live, the peaceful mice of Redwall Abbey are coming together to celebrate yet another year of peace and prosperity. All is well, until it is found out that Cluny the Scourge, the savage one-eyed rat with his ruthless horde has vowed to conquer Redwall. The only hope of the mice defending the abbey lies in the hands of the young mouse Matthias and his quest to find the sword of the legendary hero Martin the Warrior. Will Matthias manage to save Redwall from the threat?

343guiltyspark November 20 Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz
Alex Rider is back! Now he's in St. Dominic's Hospital recovering from a near fatal shot from a sniper. Now, he is in for more trouble. He saves the life of a fellow patient, but the boy that he saves isn't any ordinary boy. He is Paul Drevin, the son of multi-billionare Nikolai Drevin, who has recently been targeted by the group of "eco-terrorists" called Force Three. Read the book to find out what happens next!

343guiltyspark November 20 Among the Free by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Luke is a third-born in a society that only allows two children per family. The Population Police must hunt down these illegal "shadow children" and there is only one punishment for being caught: death. Luke and his friends get into Population Police headquarters as workers and try to undermine the Population Police from within. Will they make it? Find out what happens in this final book in the Shadow Children series. If you have not read the previous six books in the series, then I recommend that you read those first. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a thrilling and fast paced adventure.

orange_juice November 19, The Girl, the Dragon, and the Wild Magic by Dave Luckett
Rhianna is failing out of magic school. She is very clumsy, even though she tries really hard. After she causes her biggest mess ever, a wizard appears with some astonishing news...Rhiannan's magic is, in fact, stronger than anyone else's.She's a Wild Talent. Well, it;s hard to control the Wild Magic. And it tends to suck up all the other magic around it. So when a dragon comes to town, it's up to Rhianna to save the day. Will she do it? Or not????

bubble_dog Nov. 18 Warriors the New Prophecy: Midnight by Erin Hunter

Four wild cats are chosen from different clans to travel to the ocean, seeking help from Midnight. Horrible monsters have been destroying the forests, driving the wild cats away from hunting territory. They want to fight back, but don't know where or how to begin. Only the four chosen ones can lead them in this battle. Will they make it back in time? Or will they never make it back alive? I couldn't stop reading this book, and I would recomend it to any one who like cats, and adventure.

READ THE BOOK!!!!!!!!!

bunnyfeet nov. 17 2007 Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter
This is a book about a orphan named Pollyanna who is sent to live with her aunt who hates children. Pollyanna is very miserable there. Then she meets a man who has a face like a stone who never talks, a old woman who just sits there waiting for death and many more citizens of theat town. But she made them happy, she made them think whats right to do. She turns this town into a happy place not dark nad gloomy as it had been. Then she got hit by a car. And is brought to the hospital for surgerys. What will happen...will Pollyanna ever be the same?
This is a inspiring book that teaches you how a little person can change a little town. And how much difference that is from the time before her.

bubble_dog Nov. 17 Dear Dumb Diary #5 Can Adults Ever Become Humans? by Jim Benton

Ever thinking of your worst enemy ever becoming your reletive? That's how it all happens with the hilarious Jamie Kelly. Things get mixed up a bit when Jamie's aunt moves in and works at her school. Being a relative and blah blah blah... she and her friend realize that Jamie's aunt can come in handy when you get sent down to the principal's office... One does it for candy, the other for curiosity. I loved this book, and I would recommend this book to any one who enjoys a laugh every now, and all the time. ^_^'

bunnyfeet nov. 17 2007 Ragweed by Avi

Ragweed is a rat who goes off to the world to explore. He comes to this city where there is a lot of mice. There mice have bands, dance clubs, restrants... things that mice today do not have. Then a white house mouse excapes her cage and join the group of wild mice. She and ragweed become friends. In the white mouse's house there is a cat who is desperate to eat her. The cat tracks her down and makes her tell all the secrets of the wild mouse. It's up to Ragweed to save the day!
This is a book for readers who like animal adventures. I love animals so i enjoyed this book

dj_lk November 17, 2007 Hardy Boys #3(The Mystery Of The Old Mill)ByFranklin w. Dixon
This is the 3rd book of the Hardy Boys Series.The Hardy Boys Series is about 2 brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy.Their dad,Fenton hardy is as famous detictive.His skill runs in the family cuase Frank and Joe are always helping there dad crack cases.In the case the Hardy boys have been running into some fake money and there been strange things happening at the mill, to adese confusing cases their dad is keeping his current case very secretive? you should start off with the first one though, The Tower Treasure.

Dr4g0n_Flam November 17, 2007 A Matter of Profit by Hilari Bell
Ahvren is fed up with war, he wants to fight with a sword rather than a disrupter. His sister is forced to marry the emperor's loathsome son. The only way for him to get out this fix is if Ahvern can solve a mystery, why did forty races of aliens surrender without out a fight? Is it true that the emperor himself may be killed. What is the T' Chin's strange preoccupation with 'matter of profit'?

orange_juice November 16, 2007 Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
Did you read Charlotte's Web before?? If you didn't, I recommend this book to you.
This book is about a girl called Fern, the pig pet Wilber and the spider Charlotte.
Charlotte does great things for Wilber and dies.
I like this book because it talks about friendship, love and funny.
This book will interest you for the whole time.

orange_juice November 16,2007 Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson

Do you like to read adventures?? If you do, try this book.
The main character is Maia, an orphan who is sent from school in England to live in Brazil with there only relatives, the Carters.
Maia dreams of having adventures in Brazil and of the wonderfu things she will see and the loving family she will have.
But the Carters wans't the family she hoped for....
I like this book because it's adventurous and humerous.
If you are wondering what would happen next, read the book!!!!!!!!!!
You will just love it~~!!!

343guiltyspark November 14, 2007 The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer
This book is about a clone, Matteo Alcran, in a country called Opium. He has to go through many challenges to survive his life in Opium. It is a very good book and you should definetly read it.

snuppeliten November,14,2007. Drita my homegirl by Jenny Lombard
Drita moved to America from Asia, she doesn't understand a lot of English.She doesn't have any friends and everybody makes fun of her but at the end a girl comes up to her and start talking to her and they become friend. When i read this book it reminds me about when i first came to China and started at ISB.

pjs4654 November 15 How to train your dragon by Hiccup
Do you like to read a fiction book?
This is a silly fiction book if you like some dragons it will be a great book for you!
This book is about a boy called hiccup doing some trips and learning about dragons.

Dr4g0n_Flam Nov. 15, 2007 Basilisk by N.M. Brown
Shrouding mystery... epic action... you get it all when you read this book! 2 star- crossed teens Rej and Donna must save the 2 cities that must never meet. Rej is from the Combers and Donna is from the Abovers, they meet in the strangest circumstances, one has a mysterious power, together the must save their people using their dreams...What happens? Well that's for you to find out!

juicy_girl Nov. 15, 2007 Titanic(Magic tree House) by Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne
This book is all about Titanic! I'm not quiet interested in ships or any ancient information but I think this is my first time to get interested in an ancient information. Well lots of people saw the Tatanic by a movie version, but reading it by the book is more awesome!!!!! Also they have the the photos that are related to the story so it's coolllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zimdude112 Nov.15, 2007 The Fire Within by Chris D'Lacey
David, a teenage student who is a tenant living at Elizabeth Pennykettle’s house. When David settles in, he notices that the entire house was filled with dragons. Then after a couple of weeks Liz gives David a dragon. His name is Gadzooks. He has a little pad and a pencil in his hand. When suddenly david realizes that the house is getting weirder and weirder. First he notices that there is some heating done in the house. But after some investigation, there actually isn’t any heating in the house. So who or what has done it? David is also a talented writer. He is writing a book called snigger. Snigger is about a squirrel that is about to get killed by a crow… when David is almost done with his book, the entire story becomes… real…

Flamelugia ~Fight fire with water~ Nov.15, 2007 Dragons of a Vanished Moon by Maragret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Suspense, tragedy, action, adventure, politics. Yup it's all here. This is the third book of the War of Souls volumes of the Dragonlance series. Many viewpoints are included. Gilthas, the young elven king, leaves Quasenesli to find their cousins the Silvanesti, hoping to find refuge from their war torn land. Mina, the invincible leader of the Dark Knights of Neraka, backed by the mysterious entity know as The One God. Silvanoshei, young elven king of the Silvanoshei, torn with love for Mina, journeys to meet her. Gerard, the young Solmanic knight who plays by his own rules, dares to put on again the dark knights armor, desprately finding a way to defeat Mina and her One God. Palin, a spirit, and torn from his body, knowm a living corspe under Mina's command, and Dalamar, the dark elf likewise is. The god's council has long not seen the world of Krynn, torn through space and time by a mysterious power. The armies of evil have the power of spirits. The armies of good go agaisnt the powers of evil. The answer to this mystery may lie in the hands of a Kender of some rekown: Tasslehoff Burrfoot. The war rages on, and in a suprising twist, the tide may be turned. This book is awesome, and the two authors have written many Dragonlance novels. This book has a lot behind the dark covers, if you dare...

orange_juice Nov.15, 2007 Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo
This a story about a girl called Opal who moved from Naomi to Florida with her father. When she is on an errand to the grocery store, she finds a dirty, ugly dog. She starts to have him as a pet and name him Winn-Dixie, the grocery store name. The book is mainly about Opal and Winn-Dixie's life together. I like this book because the book will make you laugh as Opal and Winn Dixie make friends together.

Tanglewreck Nov.14, 2007 The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo
This is the tale of a mouse, a princess, a rat, a servant, and some soup. A mouse, Despereaux, falls in love with the Princess Pea, which is strictly forbidden in the mouse community. The poor thing gets sent to the dungeon...........A rat, Chiaroscuro, who lives in the dark dungeon, longs for some light, which is peculiar for a rat. He takes his journey to the castle grounds and shocks the Queen to death...........Miggery Sow is traded to another man by her father for a blood-red table cloth, a hen, and a handful of cigarettes, becomes half deaf, longs to be a princess, and comes so near to her dream, unexpectedly running into her dad............Chiaroscuro and Mig help her achieve her dreams, and Despereaux rescues all..................................
I simply love the adventure included in the story, and the bravery and determination Despereaux holds in his little mousy heart. All the little mysterious details and bits and pieces fit together perfectly in the end, giving the tale a hearty and touching finish. Kate DiCamillo is a fabulous author, and has won an award for her Because of Winn-Dixie . My friend has borrowed The Tale of Despereaux several of times already, and I myself can gaurantee that this thrilling story is fantastic!( at least I think so!)</

Starwars16171 December 29th Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz
They murdered his parents. They shot him and left him for dead. And yet Alex Rider thought he was finished with the terrorit organization known as Scorpia whin he ruined their plans to kill thousands of innocent children.
Scorpia is back and more dangerous than ever, working with thr ruthless gangs operation across Southeast Asia. Know as Snake head, the gangs smuggle drugs, weapons, and worst of all, people. Alex wants nothing to do with them, but when the Australian Secret Service Asks him to infiltrate one to the gangs, Alex accepts for one reason only: to work with the godfather he never knew existed, in hopes of learning more about his parents. What he uncovers, though, is a secret that will make this his darkest and most dangerous mission to date.
From the slums of Bangkok to the Australian Outback to the middle of Timor Sea, Snakehead is Alex Rider's most action packed adventure yet.

Endoftheworld November 16 Wizards at War by Diane Duane
This is a book about wizards going to war, even though im not finished withed with this book, I predict its pretty good. its about two people called Kit and Nita and they are leading alien creatures and young wizards against a darkness that hs drained the old wizards powers away. They must find a secret weapon to defeat the darkness. If you want to know the ending, read this book.